iPhone 4S, iPod Updates Expected At October 4 Media Event [Updated]

As has been widely reported, Apple has announced a media event to occur next Tuesday, October 4th.  Invitations sent for the event simply say “Let’s talk iPhone” and the event is largely expected to introduce new iPhone hardware.

Previously I posted my expectations of what the next iPhone hardware would look like.  At the time I expected a new form factor to be introduced, however since then the only concrete evidence to emerge has indicated that the next iPhone will continue to use the iPhone 4 body style.  Therefore, here are my updated predictions based on the latest inventory intel from 9to5mac (1,2).

iPhone 4S

  • Internal code-name N94
  • Single hardware platform for CDMA and GSM networks. Sprint to become 3rd US carrier.
  • A5 processor, 1 GB of RAM
  • 8 MP camera
  • HSPA+ support for GSM networks.
  • Slightly better battery life.
  • Likely to keep 16 and 32 GB capacities and price points. Update: a 64 GB model may indeed be introduced alongside existing 16 and 32 GB capacities.
iPhone 4
  • Slightly revised hardware, code-named N92 Update: code name is apparently N90A. Original iPhone was N90, with CDMA iPhone being N92.
  • Likely a single hardware platform for CDMA and GSM
  • 8 GB only, likely only in black
  • Either $49 or $99 under contract
  • Cheaper, iPod touch-grade retina display
  • A4 processor
iOS 5 will ship on all new hardware and will be a free update to all eligible iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 users as well as a paid update to iPod Touch 3rd and 4th generation users.
Apple is also expected to make moderate changes to its iPod line at the event.  A white iPod Touch will  likely be introduced, and price points will likely be adjusted downwards especially for the 8GB iPod Touch.  The iPod Classic and iPod Shuffle may even be discontinued according to one recent report.

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