iUsers For iPad Provides Multiple iPad Profile Support

Once again the iOS jailbreak community is providing serious functionality to the iOS experience before Apple.  iUsers is a jailbreak feature coming soon that enables multiple user profiles, keeping things like contacts, phone numbers, application settings, and the like segregated for each user that logs in.  Below is a youtube demonstration.

As you can see, the jailbroken method is a bit kludgy, requiring essentially a reboot of the device. With many iPads being shared “family” devices, Apple would be good to provide native support in a more streamlined method.

Credit to Engadget/BlogdoiPhone for the tip.

  1. I agree, I often share my iPad with family and friends but I don’t want them to be able to do things like look through my email or all my photos. I’d love a User Login system (that’s optional). This way I can say lend my iPad to somebody for a week and not worrying about wiping the device or removing sensitive data.

    Apple needs to work on this, I was very surprised they didn’t think of this for iOS 5.

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