Kludge Award: Embedding Rosetta Into Quicken 2007 For Mac

It has been well noted that Apple is dropping support for Rosetta in Mac OS X 10.7 Lion.  Rosetta, also known as QuickTransit,  is a dynamic binary translation technology used under license from IBM, which acquired the original developer, Transitive.  As a side note, some believe Apple is dropping Rosetta support to “move the platform forward.”  Don’t believe that bullshit; Apple wants to save on the licensing costs.

While most will be able to get along just fine without Rosetta now that Microsoft Office for Mac has considerably matured in its 2011 incarnation, Quicken for Mac users are scrambling to figure out how to cope, as the latest release of the software was in 2007 and was PowerPC only.

recent rumor has pegged Intuit as working with to embed the dynamic translation libraries directly into Quicken for Mac 2007.  While this is only a rumor, I’m going to give this idea a kludge award.  Why, Intuit, would you spend any R&D on this stupid idea rather than spend the money developing a new, Cocoa-based application that is long overdue?  Sure Quicken is a complex application, but there is no way I can endorse this idea.

Quicken for Mac users: I’d suggest getting ready to employ a Windows VM and switch to a better supported windows version or try to find another Mac based software solution that handles your needs, as I don’t expect Intuit to come through.

  1. When I saw this non-sense from Intuit, it was the last straw. Intuit obviously hates Mac and Mac users. I’ve been testing iBank and believe it will actually fulfill my needs just fine.

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